Courage in journalism

foleyHonoring the courage and fortitude of James Foley today. Rest in peace.

I had intended to write more about him but words are failing me now. So I am posting a few links for you. I hope you will think about how so many journalists put themselves in harm’s way so that you may know the truth about our sometimes vicious world.

The Committee to Protect Journalists: 1,070 journalists killed since 1992.

The Free James Foley Facebook page has posts from his family and friends.

A brave and tireless journalist.

Friends remember.


One Reply to “Courage in journalism”

  1. There are no words to express the great sadness I feel in my heart when one of our own looses their life trying to bring light to bear on a subject or plight of a troubled country, people or situation. Truely a Great loss for ALL humanity has taken place by the senseless killing of Journalist James Foley as he only tried to enlighten us with knowledge. Thank You for your post of links honoring Mr. Foley’s great sacrafice. All I can ask now is that he Rest In Peace…and may You be ever so careful and vigilant in your continued efforts to take us, expose us, and most importantly enlighten us to these troubled regions of the World…Please exercise Great Caution & Be Safe Ms. Moni Basu!


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