Beam me up, Scotty

Pani puris, known as phuchkas in Kolkata, can be found on many street corners. I can eat many, many, many of these. And I will. Soon.


Dreaming of warm, dry winter days, pishi, pani puris on the street, a wedding, speaking Bengali and dear friends.

Wishing today were Saturday.

Wishing I could be across the world in an instant. Beam me up, Scotty.

3 Replies to “Beam me up, Scotty”

  1. You do SO much better than most of us sweetie…I’d love to have your frequent flyer miles Ms Moni… and while having Scotty beam us uP would be nice… better yet… if I come across a couple pair of Dorothy’s “Magical Ruby Red Slippers” I’ll pick them up…so we can travel while making a Fashion Statement! Be Safe…& Enjoy! 😉 xo


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