Kevin’s parents, Ed and Jean, have rented a summer cottage on Washington Island in Clayton. The place is perfectly situated — a watery feast for the eyes on the Saint Lawrence River.

Ahead lies Canada’s share of the Thousand Islands. Once in a while, a huge freighter floats by effortlessly, it seems, traversing deep waters toward Lake Ontario or on its way out to the Atlantic via the Saint Lawrence Seaway or as the French call it, the Fleuve Saint Laurent. The Native American tribes, of course, had their own names for the massive river. In Mohawk, the name is Kaniatarowanenneh, meaning, what else but big waterway.

Here are a few photos of this shard of paradise that my in-laws are calling home until it’s time to return to warmer climes in Sarasota. The first picture is of the only kind of traffic jam one is likely to stumble upon around these parts. On the small bridge to the island, people and cars give way to the geese.

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