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  1. I was moved by your article on baby noor. What are the options to help her and other children in Iraq?

    Keep up the good work Ms Basu. The Iraqi people need a voice and we know that a pen can be mightier than a sword, so you’re doing a noble deed by waking people up.


    1. Thanks again for your note on Noor.
      If you would like to help, please go to the donate page on Childspring International’s website and specify that you would like your donation to help Baby Noor. The organization has a restricted fund set up to help her.


  2. Hello Moni.
    I liked your article about Ramadi and helped me visualize my time spent there. I always wonder what happened after I left (and what happened to everyone I met) .


  3. Moni,

    I never take the time to write a reporter but I read your CNN article on the NRA convention moments ago. I, like many you encountered there, am a supporter of gun ownership and 2nd amendment rights. I must say, that your article was one of the most professional, mature, and unbiased articles I have ever read. I truly appreciate an outside perspective that genuinely tries to understand and listen first. You seem very wise.

    Thank you,


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