Farewell to a friend

Lateef: Always cool, but an understated cool. (Photo courtesy Tricia Escobedo)
Lateef: Always cool, but an understated cool. (Photo courtesy Tricia Escobedo)

My friend and colleague Lateef Mungin died Friday. He was only 41.

I was asked to write a tribute for CNN.com.

There are some assignments that I dread. But none like this one. I was so afraid I would fail him. I hope this gives you an idea of what a caring and wonderful man he was. He was so loved.

The story published today. You can read it here: A CNN journalist and a giant in humanity.

Here’s to you, ‘Teef. You were the best and I will miss you terribly.

3 Replies to “Farewell to a friend”

  1. What a lovely tribute you have written to your colleague and friend Lateef…I knew when you posted your group photo with him that he was a “Special Man” …the photo reflected his wonderful aura that was as his mother said in your piece his large presence. His tremendous smile shine through a chaotic newsroom…his gift was so very easy to spot. I feel a tremendous loss for you, the CNN Family and his Personal Family, as well as ALL of us as followers of Great Journalism and the Wonderful Fun Smiling Spirits that drive and make it a pleasure to do what we do in this sometimes cynical industry we work in …we have lost a really Good One in Lateef. May his smile be imbedded in ALL of us as we carry on…that will be his legacy. My deepest condolences Moni.


  2. Thank you for letting us know how loved he is, it is nice to be honored not only for your work but for your friendship.


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