On a dark and wintry night, the bar at Fornino looked inviting. Warm. Soft candles on the white marble counter.

We were going to have just one drink, to warm our souls and rest our feet before we headed back down 5th Avenue to visit some friends.

But somehow, one drink turned into many hours of good wine and conversation. Behind the bar was Hannah Norwick, young and eager in a No. 12 green and white Joe Namath jersey that was a Christmas present. Was she even born when Namath played for the Jets? Probably not. She was fresh out of Smith College. Interested in writing — maybe even going to Columbia Journalism School.

Turns out Hannah was only 24 and excited about the life that lay before her. Tonight, that meant rooting for the home team in the AFC game, though everyone knew the Jets didn’t have a chance. But Hannah never gave up, her verve for life matched by her enthusiasm this New York night. She even bought us doubters a round of wine and beer.

Sure enough, Hannah. I took the stunning Jets win to be a sign of all good things to come your way. I’ll be thinking of you during the AFC championship game and wishing I were in Brooklyn.

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