Viva l’Italia

I never wanted Italy to win until today. But it’s my top pick in the World Cup pool this year. So…

… at 2:30 this afternoon, I gathered with friends at Fritti, a neighborhood restaurant, to watch Italy versus Paraguay.
In the end, my friend Jack said he’d buy me another glass of fine Italian Pinot Grigio if I donned his tricolor shorts. So I did. And said a Hail Mary. It didn’t quite work. Score: 1-1.

That’s really a loss for the fine talians.

But the Pinot Grigio was fine-r.

2 Replies to “Viva l’Italia”

  1. Quite a tricolor cap there! My Rachel is a big Italy fan and called to remind me to watch the game. Paraguay wasn't flashy, but obviously they held their own.


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