Vampires of news

I started working overnights this week at CNN.

I haven’t worked into the wee hours of the morning in about 17 years. Then, I was more eager. Now, I am middle-aged.

I thought it might be like all those crazy hours in Iraq. But it’s different when bombs are falling around you.

I feel like a vampire now, spending my awake hours in darkness at home, in even more darkness in the cavernous newsroom.

I burst into tears after returning home one morning. Drinking red wine at 7 a.m. is not my idea of fun. Like a vampire’s last kill before entering slumber.

3 Replies to “Vampires of news”

  1. I once had to work an overnight shift and hated it. On the other hand, I knew it wouldn't last forever and it didn't. Likewise, your talent and skills eventually will see the daylight. Let's hope that doesn't take too long.


  2. You see you have a great deal in common with COPS and soldiers, just stay away from the Buford Hwy. Waffel House, also called Casa de wafolinos. Take Care and Congrats on the Move to CNN.From Doraville to Kabul


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